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my orientation & approach

My approach to editing and writing is relational; grounded in and guided by queer and decolonial sensibilities. This means that I attend not only to the words on a page but also their histories, contexts, politics, positionality, embodiment and energy – to your relationship with them, and their relationship with the world. I am excited to work with writers who use language in non-normative ways, who write from and for neurodivergence, who straddle and stretch borders of genre, discipline or reality, and who communicate in multimodal and multilingual ways. I love to play with the linguistic and conceptual translations required of people who write in English as one among many languages, and I am especially interested in working with queer, trans and nonbinary writers who are experimenting with new themes, languages, voice(s) and forms.

I am an experienced author, supervisor and mentor of academic and non-academic writing, and professional editor of books, articles, essays, funding proposals, websites and personal documents.


I write website content, blogs, educational materials and presentations, literature reviews, concept papers, funding proposals and reports.

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I offer a range of editorial services, including:

  • developmental editing – reviewing ‘big picture’ concept, purpose, argument
  • structural editing – revising content, argument structure, flow and organization
  • copyediting – improving the accuracy and clarity of your syntax and semantics
  • ‘auditing’ texts for linguistic diversity, inclusion and decolonization
  • proofreading – reviewing final drafts for accuracy
  • etymological analysis

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Writing support: mentoring & accompaniment

I support writers by designing activities to meet their particular needs, including:

  • 1-1 accompaniment through a creative process
  • reading-and-feedback development sessions
  • thematic tutorials

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