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collaborations and consultancy

I work with individuals and groups who are trying to disinvest from colonial-capitalist, heteropatriarchal norms, ways of knowing and institutions through practices of:

  • artistic & research co(l)labs
  • editing & writing support
  • relational design, valuation & evaluation
  • curriculum & educational resource creation
  • creative mentoring and 1-1 accompaniment

Who i work with

  • writers
  • artists
  • activists and organizers
  • scholars and researchers
  • teachers and students
  • organizational leaders
  • land tenders

My approach

I am an eco-social scholar, somatic poetic artist and relational activist. My work weaves critical systemic analysis and theorization with embodied and artistic ways of knowing, and attention to relationship, complexity and collective care. It is rooted in the reality that deep learning and transformation are inseparably embodied and trans-bodied, cognitive, emotional, relational and ecological processes, and that our personal work cannot be separated from the histories, places, relationships and social structures with/in which we live. My practice engages with the senses; human and nonhuman bodies, elements and forces; the erotic; multimodal text; critical, transfeminist, queer, ecological and decolonial theory and research; linguistics and poetics; queer sensibility and relationalities; ritual; spiritual-political practice; radical pedagogy; and minor and expansive intimacies. I am especially interested in the needs and sensibilities of carers, divergents, queers and dissidents.

My fees

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Artistic & research co(l)abs

I work with artists, scholars/researchers and activists in co-inquiry and co-writing projects, residencies, workshops, knowledge and skill shares, art-life experiments and creative conversations. Visit my workshops and writing pages to see some of the themes of my artistic and scholarly collaborations. I also offer creative mentoring for individuals and small groups, including support for constellating, contextualizing, theorizing and sustaining the life of experimental, transdisciplinary and dissenting practices that gesture towards eco-social change and liberation.

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editing & writing support

I offer a range of editing services from developmental and structural editing, copyediting, proofreading, grant-writing support and consultations around the politics of language and anti-oppressive, decolonial and queer writing. Editing is an intimate relationship and political-pedagogical practice for me, and I love working with other authors to bring their work and self into its most beautiful and generative forms. I support writers’ creative, psycho-emotional and political processes in editorial commissions as well as in 1-1 accompaniment relationships.

commission editing or writing support


I provide consultancy and training in relational design, valuation and evaluation for eco-social justice groups and organizations. This involves identifying the worldviews and values that underlie projects, understanding the historical-social structures that shape them, and growing capacities to align the work with anti-oppressive, decolonial and queer principles and practices. I use relational methodologies that center eco-social justice, multiple ways of knowing, critical historical-systemic analysis, spiritual-political and queer sensibilities, and radical pedagogies of learning and unlearning.

commission relational design and evaluation

curriculum & educational resource creation

I design curricula and educational material packages for eco-social depth education. Formats include courses based on reading/watching/listening and activities, reading and resource lists to map fields of inquiry, writing prompts, DIY study guides about special issues or debates, and zines. I also offer support for those seeking to power audit their curriculum. I have twenty-five years of pedagogical and curriculum design experience in social and political science, philosophy and education, as well as early years, youth, museum and popular pedagogies.

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‘Sarah is a creative, supportive and hugely thoughtful editor, able to work with deep care and understanding on any text, supporting writers to clarify and articulate their thoughts in ways that they might not have believed possible before. I have seen her work her magic on many texts, and as a co-conspirator in getting written work from idea to page to publication, she is fantastic.’

Professor Keri Facer

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